Ufc 209 khabib vs ferguson

Оба спортсмена еще не успели ощутить горечь поражения, при этом Педро 4 победы одержал сдачей, а у Крейга этот показатель остановился на отметке в 8 боев. Дэниэль Спитц, в свою очередь, провел всего 5 боев и во всех одержал победы: 3 сдачей, 1 нокаутом и 1 решением судей.

Правда, все эти победы одержаны за пределами UFC. Отметим, что Сандерс в 2,5 раза чаще наносит удары, чем Алькантара. При этом и точность у Луке побольше. Спортсмены занимают ю и ю строчки полулегкого веса соответственно и, по сути, будут оспаривать путевку в ТОП Оба бойца одержали победы в своих последних поединках и теперь надеются приблизиться к ТОП При этом последний раз Хант выступал в июлекогда вышел в клетку октагона с Броком Леснаром — соперник Марка был «накачан» запрещенными веществами, что дало Ханту повод долго и упорно заявлять о вселенской обиде по отношению к UFCи Леснару.

Оверим свой «крайний» бой проводил в сентябре тогда «Рим» был повержен в первом раунде Стипе Миочичем. Интересно, что в первом оченом противостоянии Оверима и Ханта победил Алистар: в первом раунде на отметке «Рим» успешно провел залом локтя. Ванната свое единственное поражение потерпел от Тони Фергюсона в июле прошлого года, а Теймур проигрывал еще за пределами UFC.

При этом в ведущем мировом промоушене Теймур одержал 2 победы: обе нокаутом во втором раунде.

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson meet for the interim lightweight championship at UFC in Las Vegas. UFC commentator Joe Rogan expects this to be the toughest fight of their UFC career for both men.  Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson meet for the interim lightweight championship at UFC in Las Vegas. UFC commentator Joe Rogan expects this to be the toughest fight of their UFC career for both men. Ждем взвешивание Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson UFC Face Off Trash Talk Show more. label Tags.  Знаеш хабиб боится тони боится что проиграет тони победит даже если их будет бвое. 1 month ago. Тони сучка хабиб сила орлы в клетке не сидят хлеба сила. 1 month ago.

112 thoughts on “Ufc 209 khabib vs ferguson”

  1. James McCauley

    this is a man looking to fight Conor McGregor thats why McGregor would nt waste time on fight like that he said he doesnt do enough fight s for him to be interested its sad would of been good fight

    1. Connor will tap immediately. Sure KN would pin him and brutally beat the crap out out the known tapper.

  2. diego rodrd

    UFC doesnt give a fuck about the fans they create this cards and hyped them to later end up with half of what they started… Streaming this shit!

  3. i hope khabib is ok. but real champions make weight. there is no excuse when other champions have had worse weight cuts

  4. so is anyone going to fight their fight or is the card going to just be down 1 fight? 😢😢😢

  5. Luke I smashed Demi Lovato Rockhold

    lmao fake af thats an old photo of him you people just got trolled

    1. Transparent Motives

      Not fake at all. This is not number 1 bullshit. I wish it was.

    2. NO LOVE google it, khabib is actually out of the fight, probably gonna be rescheduled to later date as a main event.

  6. Marc Mayhem

    He’s a pussy and he was scared. That’s all there is to it.

  7. CONOR said good when khabib called him out: He said he wont make fight with khabib cause khabib might not show up. And there it is what an idiot he was just talking and talking for months what a bitch. After all that talk he should fight on life support if hes a real man but hes a bitch. Khabib is done after this ufc will put him aside

  8. Excuse to make these two the main event at the next event.
    Its big folks..

  9. This ruins 209. Thats what they get for not having Nick and Nate headline the main events. Fuck you ufc Im watching Thurman vs Garcia instead.

  10. NoLeads Ent.

    that garbage bag they use to cut weight was new for him, and i feel something fishy in the likes of connor now can relax with his time off.
    who knows.
    it is entertainment after all

  11. erlan suleimenov

    where is his excuses…I mean jоhn jоnes and his manager shоwed up emidiatly wtf where is his tears?hоpe this picture whith hi thumbs up is nоt tоdayes /

  12. Khabib is actually out of the fight people, he fell ill prior to the early weigh ins.

  13. Islandlife83

    On ufc tonight khabib said how teammate d.c. is fat and lazy. Khabib is always saying this and that about why fighters arent as good as him and how he deserves a title shot. Shit, now hes going to have to wait till after Ramadan again! Hopefully ufc will do away with weight cutting. Make fighters fight at their natural weight only. Wed get healthier fighters with lasting stamina. Im not buying this ppv now. Especially since bony tony turned down michael johnson fight. Could have gotten his revenge. Hey dana, you going to drop the ppv price 15 dollars for this mishap? Haha! Yoel Romero deserves his title shot against bisping, not GSP. Same with Souza. F#%k dana white and the shadow lurking new ownership. Whoever buys the mayweather/mcgregor fight is a dipshit too.

  14. yall think cutting weight is easy well you are mistaken, you have to work out like your about to pass out any moment and watch others eat and drink while you do your pushups in a plastic bag. I wish you get better khabib and beat fergusons ass.

  15. sean cailes

    trying to loose 35 pounds in one week it is people like khabib that fuck this sport up people wait for a fight like this for so long and khabib creates number one bull shit Tony has your number bitch khabib

  16. Damn I was looking forward to Tony washing this clown up. Khabibs record is filled with tomato cans. Ferguson beat fighters with names. Ferguson is always exciting to watch. Ufc should force AKA to break up because that whole team has been cheating the fans out of good fights due to over training and pull outs.

  17. Canal Targeto

    Yesterday he was doing open workout and face off, today he is unfit ? Cmon UFC

  18. Oculus Rift

    So many tough keyboard warriors, would u call him a pussy to his face. I thought not 🙂

  19. Shahzad Ahmad

    khabib constantly referred to tony, pulling out due to internal bleeding which is extremely dangerous and now could make weight as it was too unsafe for him

  20. Eman Gurung

    dana want khabib to kick conors ass so this is a tricky mind of dana

    1. Greg Barrow

      you could just take two late hits and call it numba one bullshit

    2. Knee Level Weidman

      @fillmyzippo I only deduct 2 points for bringing a gun into the octogon.

  21. the mighty cfc

    something has to be done about this weight cutting shit these guys have to start fighting in their real division rather then 1 below this is dangerous shit dehydrating themselves this bad something has to be done like weigh them in same day

  22. Game Bred Duramax

    This is what happens win these fighters are fighting way under there natural weight, all so they can have the advantage over the other guy that fighting in his real weight class, this stuff destroys there kidneys and liver draining there bodys of all water weight like that.

    1. dude thank you for the only sane comment in here about the situation. All these idiots are commenting is, that mystic mac predicted it month ago and that khabib is a pullout merchant. they simply dont understand that this iis not a pull out. its simple. khabib and his team is unprofessional. they dont train and diet as they should. and you are right. he shouldnt fight in lightweight maybe.

    2. Exactly. I can only imagine what weight advantage Khabib wouldve had in this fight, seeing that Tony was 0.5 lb underweight.

  23. Dave Larson

    Everything that TONY said about this dude is true.
    Hes a bully
    Hes a whiner and…
    Hes a Fatty!
    I said that Tony was going to Knock him TFO!
    3 TIMES!!
    War Tony!!!

    1. +JA S Ill have a go. 1. Yuslesstossoff 2. Armhalfoff 3.Prefightwarnedoff 4. eh Im struggling. No, thats all I cant remember.

    2. علي علي he is iraq

      Dave Larson but he will smash tony you should rember that

  24. Xuan Nguyen

    He tried to go from 194 to 155.
    No wonder he rag dolls the 155ers. It would b hard to make 170 at that weight let alone make 155

  25. The tickets were already sold. They had him sit out so they can make it a main event soon. This fight has been in the works for 2 years now and just keeps getting bigger.

  26. Geechi Liberace

    Unprofessional, had 4 months to make weight. If you guys feel bad for him look at cyborgs weight cut before you make excuses for khabib

    1. @Thomas Mitchell i cut 28lbs in 3 weeks bro. Didnt feel great but it can be done. Stop.

    2. Mustafa Altaie

      Geechi Liberace
      hello stupid fuck:) still alive? now i read your foolish comments, how about now? Khabib submitted your hero. still he unprofessional ?

    3. Saint Shawn

      +Valerya Starkshield
      Couldnt have said it better myself. Let them keep listening to the media though. They dont know the media always did try to bash Russian fighters. U know and I know, he is on another level.

    4. Valerya Starkshield

      +juan liebenberg The troll is back. Of course you didnt read. Because why read something before talk about it, right? Why educate yourself first? I can tell you that I watch MMA for 25 years, and Im not the kind of a person who sees greatness by looking at numbers. I watch fights, I watch the fighters, and when I see a guy who can do something that no one else can, a guy that displays such a high level of skill that he takes me from just watching a fight to watching a martial art at its best, this guy is a GOAT at my books. Greatness is not a number on the rankings. But you will not read this, and if you read you will not understand it coz you dont have knowledge to it, all you can say is name a top 5 guy he fought. Like if rankings could actually say everything you need to know about a fighter. Because a guy who only sees rankings, and dont watch fights, cannnot understand that Shalorus was a big fight for a debut; that Tibau for a 2nd fight was a impossible task; that fighting Tavares and in Brasil for his 3rd was kind of impressive; that he humiliated Trujillo at grappling in his only 4th fight; that he got Pat Healy as his 5th fight, a guy ranked #10, who came from strikeforce as a beast, and he outstruck him; that he rag doll RDA (#5), a real bjj black belt and very good striker, who was in an impressive win streak that only stopped at KN and kept going after, coz he was champion in last than a yr after whe fought KN; who took MJ (#6) and made him look like a can, MJ is actually a good wrestler, and with all his highly skilled at striking, only got 2 hits on Khabib, hits that khabib ate and kept going like another day at the job. You cannot understant his greatness, coz you will not read or watch his fights (pre and after UFC signin) as a true fight fan, who regardless of personal taste can admire technique in its most true form, who can see how absolutely dominant and a puzzle of a fight Khabib is. A GOAT yes sir, at grappling in MMA.

  27. he should be in the 185 division but then…..he knows hes nothing against guys his size…what a pussy!!

  28. Francesco G.

    Thats what you get for being a 190 lbr trying to loose all that weight in 1 day so you can ty and bully 155 ers. Week shit. Fight at 170 khabib if you are such a badass

  29. Matthew5to8

    Someone at 155 with huge balls needs to offer to step in as a large balled substitute.

    1. juan liebenberg

      Matthew5to8 already happens Eddie made statement hes ready show him money

  30. Omar Nadag

    wait till fight start, then we will see. the second round Khabib will finished ur ferguson. Chechnya.

  31. Simco Doublavix

    Disappointed. I like Khabib but hes gotta make up for this one. Calling in sick for work is lame on the world stage.

  32. lazerlustdog

    To be the best, you have to prove it. To prove it, you have to fight. To fight, you have to show up. Its pathetic to make excuses for an experienced professional fighter. Nurmagomedov was obviously walking around way too heavy with too little time to cut weight. He knows the game and what it takes. People can criticize Conor all they want- everybody has an opinion- but he shows up for his fights and takes on whoever is available when his opponents drop out. This card is no longer worth shelling out for a PPV. UFC should should just make it a Fight Night.

  33. Sam Armstrong

    Khabib pulled out of 2 fights with Tony now.
    I like the guy, but make Tony Vs Conor for the title UFC

  34. legate lanious

    Khabib is the one who made this fight happen in the first place by offering $$$!200,000
    His 24-0 record speaks for itself.

  35. khabib brother you are finish. go and eat some burgers with DC ☝

  36. This little bear cub has had 4 months to make weight and the DAY BEFORE UFC 209 something happens to him and he has been pulled out of the fight? Somethings fishy. And Conor is certainly not going to be changing this pull out bums life after this.

    1. IronFabianSteel

      the pride of 150 million strong russia, who has connections to russian millionaires, needs a plumber from ireland who thinks 3 million is a big pay day?

    2. i am just saying there are other ways to have a red panty nights. conor is not the only way, like you mcgregor freaks think😄

    3. Fredrick Miller hahah what are you talking about you moron. i understand you are an expert on riding digs. that s why you talk about it evry time you have the chance😄

    4. Dont worry. russian millionares already changed khabibs liife . he doesn t need your dear mcnugget to get his life changed. 🙂

  37. Martin Daskalov

    Fuck the Xabib or Kebab whatever his name is, now i want to see Tony vs Conor really, bad atleast i know they will be there on a scheduled date!

  38. I was a huge fan of Khabib until now. There is something not right.
    He was all fine until day before fight. He had enough time to make weight. No other fights cancelled only this fight. Khabib does not deserve title shot. Give it to Tony.

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